Peacock Care

As a result of the good support we receive from public donations and our volunteer group, we have been able to grow the muster over recent years. The ages of our birds ranges up to 5 years and they have names and characteristics. Peacocks can live for over 20 years.

indian blue Peacock

Our Asiatic species are Indian Blues. The muster includes the traditional Indian Blues, Indian Whites and Indian Blue; Black Shoulder.

Their dietary favourites include mealworms, salad greens, grains and nuts. They never turn down a slice of fruit cake as a treat.

Community Group / Volunteers

We are a Community Group of self funded Volunteers. Our great team give up their time to feed, clean, care and raise funds for the Peacocks. Our volunteer support team have a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. Our senior volunteers ensure a care plan is in place for each of the Peacocks.

It is our mission to ensure the Legacy of the Peacocks of Pittencrieff Park is sustained.

If you would like to apply to become a volunteer you can email us at

How to find us.